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We hope that as you browse through the site you'll see issues that you want to discuss.

You may agree, you may disagree – but what is important is that you join the discussion.

The challenges we collectively face now are so great that one of the only hopes of solving them is through us all discussing them and working together to find solutions.

We have been able to access a new high-quality discussion facility. It's been developed for the European science teaching portal STELLA. All you have to do is click here – and you're in the discussion!

As the various themes develop, we'll signpost them here, so that you can follow up each topic.

We've just opened up the first two. One, on Unfashionable science, is based on an observation by the physicist Freeman Dyson.

'Organizations which only support research where there is no risk and no chance of mistakes will in the end support only mediocrity.'

Do you agree? And where should we look for the unfashionable areas of study?

The second one is on Astronomy and space in science education. Again and again it's been seen that they inspire young people. So can we build the science curriculum around them more strongly? And if so, how?

Join the discussion now!

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